Effectiveness of Different Marketing Strategies in Reaching Target Audiences: A Quantitative Investigation of Ad Agency Representatives

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Jitendra Singh Chauhan


The term "marketing" covers a wide range of initiatives and tasks designed to advertise a business's goods or services to potential clients. The main goals of marketing are to identify and concentrate on a certain market that is most likely to be interested in the company's goods, generate income, and help the organization accomplish its long-term market goals. Customers should be well informed of the benefits of using a company's products and services, and a strong customer-customer relationship should be established. Businesses can utilize digital marketing as a popular and cost-effective strategy to contact their target audience, promote their goods and services, and track and enhance marketing efforts in real-time. Understanding and implementing effective marketing strategies is crucial for businesses to reach and engage their target audience, increase brand awareness, and achieve their revenue and market goals.

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