Role of Food in Attracting Tourists Towards Popular Tourism Destinations in India: An Empirical Study

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Ashoo Gupt


This research reviewed investigates the part food plays in bringing in tourists to Indian tourism hotspots. Food is an integral part of the cultural experience of any destination, and the Indian cuisine is known for its diversity and richness. The literature review below shows that food is a significant factor in enticing tourists to Indian tourism sites. The studies find that tourists are willing to pay more for food that is authentic and represents the local cuisine, and that the availability of a variety of food options is essential in attracting tourists, as they prefer to experiment with different cuisines. The study recommends that the tourism industry in India should focus on promoting the local cuisine as a significant aspect of the cultural experience of the destination. The industry should also work on improving the quality and variety of food options available to tourists. These conclusions can be useful to policymakers and tourism boards to bring in new approaches to attract more tourists to popular destinations in India.

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