Diversity Management: Opportunities and Challenges in the Workplace

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Ashish Anand Tripathi


In a multiethnic, multicultural, multireligious, and complex country like India, diversity is a significant problem. Today's workplaces are diverse, with workers from various backgrounds and orientations. If organizations can, they will profit significantly, attract, motivate, and keep exceptional workers with multiple demands and environments into a cohesive and devoted team. Although workplace diversity comes with several difficulties, it can also give an organization an unfavorable competitive edge. More than ever, Indian businesses must deal with the issue of a varied workforce, which necessitates developing a plan for fostering a culture in which individuals value one another's differences. India is renowned for its tolerance and ability to embrace variety. In managing equality and inclusion at work, this research examines the connections between performance reviews, cultural issues, affirming action (AA), and organizational competencies. First, it was shown that performance assessments were a significant cause of prejudice, especially because raters had so much influence on the actual procedure.

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