Strategic Talent Management in Emerging Markets: An Empirical Study in Indian organisation

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Priyanka Purohit


Effective talent management is a pivotal component in facilitating sustainable growth and achievement for organizations. The advent of emerging markets, such as India, has mandated that companies adopt strategic talent management practices to remain competitive. Indian companies place significant emphasis on talent acquisition, retention, and development as critical areas in the strategic management of talent. In order to secure and maintain top-tier talent. Companies leverage diverse methods such as employee recommendations, social media recruitment, and initiatives focused on engagement with employees. Strategic talent management in Indian organizations encompasses a comprehensive approach to talent management, from attraction and recruitment to development, retention, and planning for succession. Effective talent management necessitates the harmonization of the organization's objectives and strategies with the capabilities, skills, and aspirations of its workforce, and bestowing upon them opportunities to grow and develop. The Indian terrain of strategic talent management is further complicated by a convoluted talent landscape, with acute scarcities of skilled personnel in specific industries and an evolving demographic profile of the workforce, and fierce competition. Organizations must remain adaptable to these challenges and employ technology and data to optimize their talent management practices. Successfully managing talent can have a myriad of benefits for Indian organizations, including augmented workforce engagement, productivity, and innovation, as well as enhanced organizational performance and competitiveness. However, attaining such outcomes mandates persistent and proactive efforts, requiring cross-functional and organizational cooperation and a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement.

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