A Review on Role of Data Science in Ayurveda Based Disease Diagnosis Using Prakriti Type in Trividha Pariksha

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Lakshmi Bheemavarapu, K. Usha Rani


From past few years the digital world is revolving around data for its generation and effective utilization. Data Science is making it possible to generate needful information/ knowledge from the existing data to tackle different domain challenges. The evolution of Artificial Intelligence made Data Science more powerful and dynamic. Machine Learning and Deep Learning based Artificial Intelligence techniques are helping to get fast and accurate results. Data Science is gaining importance in Health Care domain because of its speed and accuracy which are much required for diagnosis of a disease at early stages. Ayurveda is an ancient medical system that is gaining popularity because of its trustworthiness and assured results. In Ayurveda, disease diagnosis depends on identification of Prakriti type. Trividha Pariksha is a method to identify the Prakriti and the disease. This study is presenting a review on the role of Data Science in Ayurveda based Disease Diagnosis using Prakriti type in Trividha Pariksha.

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