Blockchain and Technologies Matching with the Case of Study of Vegetables Production

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Alessandro Massaro, Vincenzo Maritati, Nicola Savino, Angelo Galiano, Ugo Picciotti


The proposed work describes a new approach based on supply chain traceability by blockchain (BC). The basic BC network has been designed and applied for vegetables process monitoring and tracing. The paper proposes some results of an industry research project by describing the whole scenario, the architectures implementing BC, the sequence diagram principle, and the prototype network embedding blocks and transactions. The discussion is also addressed on the possibility to combine different technique such as artificial intelligence, and image processing to improve pre-cut vegetable quality. The paper proposed preliminary results proves that the adopted technologies and the methodologies found in the literature are suitable for the sanitation process certification and for quality traceability. The mentioned approaches are useful to apply the suggested frameworks for other supply chains.

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