Haemoglobin Measurement Using Non-Invasive Technique: State of the art

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Manish Jadhav, et. al.


Haemoglobin is key essential constitute of human body which represent the oxygen consumption state of body. It carries oxygen to blood cells from lungs. In many medical practices’ doctors need to check the level of haemoglobin to suspect the problem. Right now, doctors offer to test haemoglobin of person to laboratories, where they test the blood sample physically. This technique is avoidable as it takes time and also have chances of spreading viruses. Now in corona pandemic, social and physical distancing is an inevitable. Also, medical staff now a days preferring not to check all patients physically. Various technologies are immerging now in this aspect to combat such situations. Doctors are using oximeter to check oxygen level of patient with just fingertip. Now a day’s heart rates can be measured by a smart fit band in our hands. So, in this environment it is necessity to develop such a non-invasive device of human friendly material which can check haemoglobin level of patient without using any needle. This is good for both patients and doctors. It can save lab practices, reduce time to proceeding next operations and saves money as well. In this paper various non-invasive techniques are discussed.


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