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Pavithra.T, et. al.


In this modern world, people tend to use e-commerce applications for shopping. The main shopping for a house is based on the items needed for cooking. This paper analyzes how to improve the shopping of ingredients to make it time saving and also for easy purchase of required ingredients. To answer this question, a person's choice of selection tends to be easy when those items are recommended automatically by the e-commerce application's recommendation system. The first kind of this technique is to recommend the user with the ingredients based on the similar items purchased by similar users. The second kind is to recommend based on the ingredients liked or based on its popularity. This provides the user with more appropriate choice for purchase in less time. Then the easy purchase of ingredients can be achieved based on the recipes provided or by creating own recipes for frequent purchase. Then the vendor has the problem of stock management which can be solved by data analysis and by providing statistical data for improved sales. As a result best recommendation can be provided for the user with improved purchase experiments          


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