An Efficient C4.5 Algorithm based Heuristic to Endure Sustainability in Multi-Tier Agri Food Supply Chain

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Dr. E. Sophiya, et. al.


Multi-tier agri food supply chain (MT-AFSC) is gaining momentum in academia and practise these days. After all, there has been little focus on social sustainability, and attempts to integrate it into supply chains, especially among low-tier suppliers, have run into major obstacles. As a result, the aim of this study is to model a sustainable multi-tier framework for agri-food supply chain that is controlled using C4.5 with Internet of Things (IoT) technology.  The proposed architecture would help the agri-food supply chain make more reliable decisions and use better data over time. The operation of the internet of things is addressed to track and trace the Agri food quality to check the data acquired from agri land, production process and supplier. The main work of C4.5 algorithms is to predict unsafe agricultural products and further access will be blocked at every point on the network.

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