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Dr. Osman Sahin


The objective of this study was to assess the success of women in leadership and entrepreneurship in developing countries, including the Iraqi Kurdistan region. The study used structured survey questionnaires in order to gain a clearer understanding of the reasons for success and the factors that motivate women to lead / entrepreneurial activity in the area. This survey was a web search and created by Survey Monkey, where respondents allow you to do email research and use social networking links.

Are male and female leadership roles the same? Specify the same number of male and female executives in the company? Do you see that men and women have senior management positions?

This study used multidisciplinary approach that uses question lists for research and data collection. For this reason, the leadership and entrepreneurship of women in the Iraqi Kurdistan region was studied. The sample size could not be determined for this study because there is no official or published information about women in executive/business positions in the Iraqi Kurdistan region. It is assumed that this study was sampling, i.e. the sample size could not be determined initially, so the sample size would increase during the process until sufficient data was collected.

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