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B. Megala, et al.


       In recent times helmets have been made compulsory in all over the world.Traffic accidents in India have increased year by year. The impact when amotorcyclist involves in a high speed accident without wearing helmet is very dangerous and can cause fatality. Wearing a helmet can reduce shock from the impact and may save a life. There are many countries enforcing a regulation that requires the motorcycle's rider to wear a helmet when riding on their motorcycle.In India drunken drive case is a criminal offence of The Motor Vehicle act 1939.Which states that the bike rider will get punish. In existence bike rider easily get escaped from law. These are the three main issues which motivates us for developing this project. The first step is to identify the helmet is wear or not. If helmet is wear then ignition will start otherwise it will remains off till helmet is not wear. For these we use RF Transmitter/ Receiver. The second step is alcohol detection. Alcohol sensor is use as breath analyzer which detect the presence of alcohol in rider breathe if it is exceeds permissible range ignition cannot start.

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