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Gogulakrishnan V., et al.


Now a days in current situation, test for driving license is not done before the RTO officer. it is done by the driving school, they provide certificate for driving. After the driving school given certificate they applied for driving license it was easily getting from the RTO office. During this , certification from the Driving School. some of them have a chance for  fraud work, that is without drive a car or bike they will  provide certificate for money ,then the person will easily get a driving license. These type of person have a 90% chance of accident on the road. By avoid these type of accident, in this paper we discuss about the driver performance measuring by a eligibility test kit. A driver performance measuring kit will helps to analyze the member who is driving the car and their driving data  will be collected from the  sensors to Microcontroller and the data is automatically updated to the test kit.

Finally the data will be send to the RTO office Via GSM Technology ,after completing a driving course eligible candidate only getting the  driving license from the RTO office. The main aim of this  project helps to avoid Accident on Road and fraud done during the driving test.

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