Smart Glass for Blind People

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S. Akalya, et al.


 Eyes are the blessings given by God to humans to live their life beautifully. The world population is about 7.8 billion, but everyone having the right vision means it is questionable. People with visual impairments use Braille Codes for reading and writing, walking sticks to detect and identify obstacles in their paths. People who are experiencing these kinds of impairments may face various problems, some of them are teased without their knowledge, some may make fun of them. This stressful environment is not good for Blind People. The main objective of our project is to make sure that blind people are aware of the person whom they are interacting with and notifying them with audio of the person’s name. With the help of our proposed system, blind people can survive without depending on others or any external assistive systems. This system makes use of deep learning techniques to identify a person and provide their name as an audio output through earphones. The modern tools are just available to alert them in case of any objects present in front of them and these devices have low accuracy and cost is also high in which Blind people cannot afford to buy those gadgets. Our project provides good accuracy, best performance results for Blind people.

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