Investigation on Improving Compressive Strength of Pervious Concrete

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Sindu K. R., Soundar Rajan M.


Pervious concrete which is additionally referred toas the no-fines, porous, gap-graded, and permeable concrete and Enhance porosity concrete havebeenfoundtobeareliablestormwatermanagement tool.There is lot of research work goes within the field of pervious concrete. The compressive strength of pervious concrete is a smaller amount in comparison to the traditional concrete thanks to its porosity and voids. Typically pervious concrete has water to cementitious material ratio of 0.28 to0.45.The mixture is composed of cementitious materials, coarse aggregates and water with little to no fine aggregates. The main theme of our project is to improve the strength characteristics of M40 grade of pervious concrete. But it are often noted that with increase in strength, the permeability of pervious concrete are going to be reduced. Hence, the development of strength should not affect the permeability property because it is the property which serves it purpose

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