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N. Thiru Senthil Adhiban, et al.


Water is the basic need for the existence of life on earth. In spite of 70% water on earth majority of water is not suitable for drinking purpose. There is a huge demand of clean water as it is used for a variety of purpose such as drinking, bathing, cleaning, cooking etc. Impurities present in water can cause serious health issues that can damage the life of human beings. The chief function of the automatic drainage system is to collect, transport, as well as dispose the solid waste in the waste bucket by the help of claws. Solid waste in drainage water includes empty bottles, polythene bags, papers etc. Impurities in drainage water can lead to blockage of the drainage system. In order to avoid such situation these impurities are needed to be taken out time to time for the continuous flow of drainage water. Drain can be cleaned continuously by the help of model using the drive system to remove the solid waste and threw it into waste bucket. This project is designed with the objective to initiate the efficient working of system. This project automatically cleans the water in the drainage system each time any impurity appears, and claws which are driven by chain sprocket grasp the solid waste and threw it into the waste bucket to avoid blockage. It even reduces the cost of manual labour as well as reduces the threat to human life.

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