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Dr. M. Selvakumar, et al.


The purpose of this study is to design rigid and lightweight chassis for an electric vehicle. Various chassis types with different geometries are considered chassis are designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Designs are analysed using software and performance characteristics are parametrically and structurally optimized. The automotive chassis is one of the most important structures of any self-propelled construction because of its multifaceted role on vehicle dynamic behavior. The main target is to evaluate chassis deformation, based on static and analysis, in order to reduce weight and at the same time achieve adequate vehicle operation in a demanding low energy consumption race. The design is carried out based on specific standards and limitations set by the competition regulations. The specifications of chassis materials linked to mechanical and physical properties are defined and set .A analysis is also set up and run, to determine the natural frequencies and the mode shapes of the chassis, so to partly understand the dynamic behavior of this structure. In order to improve the fuel efficiency and reduce emissions in air the use of conventional vehicles has to be reduced and the implementation of electric vehicles should be promoted.

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