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Dr. C. Venkatesh, et al.


In today world everyone installed CCTV camera for security purpose.The CCTV cameras continuously record the situations. Hence there is an unnecessary memory wastage if there is nothing happening in front of the camera.User put a person for monitor cameras 24*7.The proposed system main concepts is how to use CCTV more efficiently. Which will record each and every action if there is happens any unusual activity in front camera it will automatically alert authorized person. We can use camera for Human Motion Detection(yolov3) .Thecamera is used to catch the live images of the area in which it is being implemented, if any object is moving. If thereisany misbehavior activities happens the capture live images automatically detect the behavior of the victim by using yolo version 3, by the detection if its misbehavior emergency mail alert automatically sent to the authorized person and nearby police station with photo image. The mail sending working based on simple mail transfer protocol.

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