A Study on the Problems in Communication Skills Faced by the Teachers in the Secondary Schools of Namsai District in Arunachal Pradesh

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Tarcisius Toppo, Dr. Philomina M. J.


Education always stands at the vanguard of progress in any society; however, the strength of an educational system largely depends upon the quality of the teachers. Teaching is sharing of knowledge, ideas, information, and skills. Students’ performance depends on the teacher’s ability to communicate effectively.An effective teacher is a good communicator. To impart in-depth knowledge and understanding to the students, the role of effective communication is central and indispensable to the teaching-learning process. Arunachal Pradesh, lying on the extreme North-Eastern part of the country, remains untouched by modern progress in the field of education. The study investigates the problems in communication skills, faced by the secondary school teachers of Namsai District, in Arunachal Pradesh, keeping in mindthat, effective teaching requires not only the knowledge of the content but also the delivery skills and the ability to use the varieties of instructional tools to enhance motivation and learning of the students. The investigation found, lack of opportunities for training in communications skills, lack of knowledge and skill in the use of variety and moderninstructional tools, lack of availability of instructional tools, lack of proper and well – equipped classrooms as major problems and challenges.

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