Design and Analysis of a Non-Uniform Meander RF MEMS Switch

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C Leela Mohan, et. al.


This paper aimed to design and analysis of non-uniform meander capacitive shunt RF MEMS switch. The less pull in voltage is obtained in flexure type membrane by proposed RF MEMS Switch. The selection of materials for the beam and dielectric layer is expressed in this paper and also shown the performance depends on materials utilized for the design. The high isolation of -31.15dB actuating at the pull-in voltage of 7.69V with a spring constant of 3.28N/m produced the switch and is obtained by the optimization process. Capacitive contact switches have capability of power handling. The actuated switch state provides an excellent isolation. It shorts the ground by RF signal. MEMS technology is the integration of electrical and mechanical components on single platform i.e. substrate [10]. From the literature, various researchers have proposed different RF MEMS Switch, but still there few challenges on optimization of the Switch for best performance. The electromechanical analysis such as Upstate, Downstate capacitances and stress analysis have been carried out. The performance of the switch is analyzed by taking appropriate materials selected by Ashby’s approach. These optimized dimensions are feasible to fabricate. The substrate height, material for the substrate and coplanar waveguides are used for the impendence matching. For obtaining the less pull in voltage overlapping area is to be increased.

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