A Compact Dual Notch Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna for WIMAX,DSRC, RADAR and Ku band Communication Applications

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Vutukuri Sarvani Duti Rekha, et. al.


A frequency reconfigurable ultra-wide band antenna with dual notch bands is proposed in this paper. PIN diodes are located on ultra-wide band monopole antenna and are investigated for frequency reconfigurable characteristic of the proposed antenna. Multi-bands and narrow bands have been achieved by different combinations. Proposed antenna is fabricated on FR-4 substrate of dimensions 37 x 40 x 0.8mm3. For the successful combinations, antenna performance parameters like S11 characteristics, surface current distribution, peak gain, radiation efficiency and 2D radiation patterns are analyzed and illustrated in the paper. Peak gain of 4.83dB is obtained in operating band for D1, D2= 0, 1 combination. Radiation efficiency is not less than 70% in the entire operating bands. Results are analyzed experimentally for validating proposed antenna. Simulation based results and measured results are in good agreement.

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