Design and Analysis of Metamaterial based-check board AMC Backed EBG Antenna for Body Placement Applications

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Kunapareddy Koteswara Rao, et. al.


In this paper a compact EBG antenna with Artificial Magnetic Conductor (AMC) is proposed for on body applications. The proposed antenna is designed with single SRR (split ring resonator) and double SRR to differentiate the performance of the proposed antenna. The proposed EBG antenna bending analysis is performed at different angles on human body to attain good radiation characteristics. The footprint of proposed antenna is of 0.2λ0*0.24λ0mm2 and AMC with dimension of 0.48λ0*0.48λ0 mm2.The proposed antenna is obtained good return loss and radiation characteristics when EBG antenna is placed on the human leg with an angle of 300 at corresponding operating frequencies 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, 9GHz and 9.5GHz respectively. The obtained operating frequencies cover wireless applications such as GPS, ISM, and Radar and satellite communications. The proposed EBG antenna is obtained with high gain 7.05dBi at 9.5GHz operating frequency. The surface current distributions are obtained for the proposed antenna is of 137A/m. Good isometric radiation patterns are observed for the proposed antenna. The SAR analysis is performed when the EBG antenna is placed on the human leg at an angle of 30degree is of 1.23W/kg.

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