A Novel Fuzzy Inference System Based Robust Reversible Watermarking Technique provided with Six Layer Security

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V. Belmer Gladson, Dr. R. Balasubrimanian


Digital Watermarking has evolved as one of the latest technologies for digital media copyright protection. Watermarking of images can be done in many ways and one of the proposed algorithms for image watermarking is by utilizing Fuzzy Logic. It is similar to the concept of a Fuzzy set, each element can be defined by an ordered pair, in which one is the value and other is the membership function value. Fuzzy logic systems can explain inaccurate information and explain their decisions. Fuzzy inference system is the simplest way of performing Fuzzy Logic. In the proposed method, three Fuzzy inference models are used to generate the weighing factor for embedding the watermark and input to the Fuzzy Inference System is taken from the Human Visual System model. The Performance measures used in the Process are Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR), Structural Similarity Index (SSIM), Normalized Cross Correlation (NCC) and Bit Error Ratio (BER). The Proposed algorithm is immune to various Image Processing attacks.

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