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Sujatha Anand et al.


Conventional agriculture and aquaculture present the unwelcome situation of great extents of consumption in both land  and  water  resources.  The  threat  of pollution of water bodies also need  to  be  taken  into account. The urbanization policies and population explosion with rapid migration from rural areas makes the concept of aquaponics reuse of ecological crop rising and reusing methods  essential. This   technology   coalesces   recirculation of water used in aquaculture and hydroponics for crop supplement and water recycle; reduction of pollution and enhancement of efficiency and yield. Hydroponics and aquaculture is proposed in this paper on a combinatory  solution  for  better  agriculture  practice.  Intelligent monitoring of water quality and nutrient circulation can be abstracted, tabulated and summarized. This paper popularizes the implementation of IoT in aquaponics.

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