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Dr. R. Mohanapriya et al.


Walking is the most common movement in human life. When a person walks, he distributes energy to the road surface in the form of impact, vibrations, sound etc, due to the transfer his weight on the road exterior, through foot falls on the ground during a every steps. This energy Can be tapped and transformed in the practical form such as in electrical form. In order to develop a procedure to connect footstep energy, we are developing a footstep electricity generating device. This device, if embedded in the footpath can varying foot impact energy into electrical energy. The working principle, when a pedestrian step on the upper plate of the device, the plate will dip down to some extent due to the weight of the pedestrian. The descendant movement of the plate results in sturdiness of the piezoelectric materials fitted in the device to produce electrical energy the device was worked by persons walking over to it. However, if there is determined movement of pedestrians over the device, a large amount power will be a formed in this research a prototype of the power producing tiles is developed and studied under varying loading environments to inspect the feasibility of the technology.

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