Analysis of Key Generation Methods for Enable Secured Communication in the IoTs System

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Nikhil Subhash Patankar, et. al.


The open stack communication protocol of the internet of things always in security threats. The vulnerability of protocol faces a problem of man in middle attacks and loss of integrity of communication. Cryptography plays a vital role in security authentication on IoT based enable communication system.  IoT devices' limited resource constraints cannot offer any security mechanism on the physical level and network level. The key generation methods uplift the security provision in IoT enables communication model. The process of key generation applied three types of cryptography algorithm, symmetric, asymmetric and hybrid algorithm. The complexity of key generation methods needs more computational time and memory; this is the limitation of IoT devices. So various authors proposed a lightweight key generation algorithm for security and authentication. This paper analyzed the performance of key generation methods based on different cryptography approaches and measured their security strength. For the analysis process, use MATLAB software and sample text data file for the communication of two parties. Some ADHOC methods apply to measure protocol weakness during the communication network compromised with a man in the middle attack.  The variable key size also reflects the security strength of IoTs enable devices.

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