A Survey: Benefits of Mango Leaves and Techniques Used For Evaluvation of Diseases Affecting Mango Leaves

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M.Prabu, et. al.


Agriculture plays a vital role in day to day life for the living organisms in all over the world. There are many plants are identified as medicinal plants in India. This survey aims to give a clear picture of the benefits of mango leaves, how it can be considered to be herbal medicine or home remedy for various diseases. But in spite of its numerous benefits these leaves are subjected to various types of diseases that are caused due to fungal infections. Along with the fungal infection there are climatic factors that affect the growth of these leaves resulting in less production, growth and quality. The factors such as light, temperature, nutrients, rainfall directly or indirectly influence the growth of the tree. Hence the mango leaves has been survived with detailed explanation of techniques in order to detect the diseases based on the factors and techniques that addresses all the existing issues and help in predicting the diseases well in advance.

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