Survey of Triangle Security in Cloud

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Judy Flava B, et. al.


Cloud computing remains the world's most demanded development trend. It is one of the most important topic whose application is currently being explored. The distributed storage has been one of the apparent administrations in distributed computing. Instead of providing the engaged worker for conventionally organizated storage, the distributed storage sets various outsider individuals with the knowledge. The customer does not care about any details on various external employees and no one knows exactly where information is spared. The distributed storage supplier asserts that the information can be secured, but no one trusts in it. Security risk is information placed in the plain content configuration over cloud and across the organization. This document offers a method that allows customers to securely store and access data from the distributed storage. It also ensures that neither the distributed storage provider, apart from the verified customer, can get details. This technique ensures the safety and confidentiality of cloud-related information. Another favorite position is that if the cloud provider breaks down, the information of the client remains safe as all information is encoded. Customers must also not stress that cloud providers have illegal access to their data.

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