High Gain DC/DC Converter with IC MPPT Algorithm For DC Micro-Grid Applications

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Subbarao Mopidevi, et. al.


High gain  DC-DC converter with IC MPPT algorithm, solar & wind as inputs in conjunction with this converter are presented in this paper. Recently, due to increase in the green energy demand the renewable energy resources are widely used.DC micro grids are now of significant importance due to the rise in DC loads and the demand for high power quality. These DC loads require various levels of voltage based on their power ratings. The proposed step-up DC-DC converter therefore has a high voltage gain with optimum duty ratio characteristics. In addition, the additional benefit of delivering electricity at two distinct voltage levels is that it is more suitable for DC micro grid applications and all the switches are controlled using single control signal which reduces complexity. The proposed converter is implemented and theoretically verified in SIMULINK MATLAB software for two different load power ratings of 100W and 200W.

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