Simulation and dSPACE Hardware Implementation of Carrier based SVPWM for Open-end Induction motor

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A Sriharibabu, et. al.


This paper deals with the implementation of carrier based Space vector pulse width modulated methods (SVPWM) in conjunction with a three phase open end induction motor(OEIM). Among various PWM methods, now a day’s carrier based PWM methods draws more attention due to their easier digital implementation. The main focus of this paper is effortless digital implementation of PWM methods to drive the open end induction motor which is supplied using two dc to ac converters (VSI), using various carrier-based Space vector PWM schemes. MATLAB Simulink platform is used to simulate different carrier based PWM methods for the VSI fed Induction motor. In the present work dSPACE 1104 is used for the digital implementation. The simulation and hardware results which are obtained from various modulation techniques for the proposed model are secure produced by using voltage and current waveforms, FFT analysis, and the most predominantly the THD is slighter. Theoretical and realistic values are corroborating by simulation and experimentation.

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