Synergetic Control Based Fast-Converging MPPT Technique for Thermoelectric Generator Energy System

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Polamraju. V. S. Sobhan, et. al.


 Recently, waste heat energy recovery has attracted the attention of many researchers. The power conversion efficiency of Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) system is enhanced by designing suitable MPPT controller.  In this study a robust nonlinear control technique based on synergetic control theory is designed to extract maximum power from Thermoelectric Generator system (TEG). The designed synergetic control law ensures the fast convergence towards maximum power operating point without any oscillations under the presence of system uncertainties and variable temperature conditions. The TEG system comprises of a Thermoelectric Generator module, power converter, maximum power point tracking algorithm and load. The simulation results show viability of proposed strategy in comparison with Perturb and Observe (P&O) method under variable temperature.

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